30 Day Renewal

Why Join a 30 Day Yoga Renewal?

Have you been looking for a way to shake things up 30 days of consecutive yoga is an opportunity to transform your life through body and mind; to set yourself as a priority and witness what a consistent practice can bring to your life.

Benefits of  a 30 day challenge:

  • It creates a habit of getting on your mat

  • You experience more balance and flexibility on and off your mat

  • Daily movement can help promote: better sleep

  • Feeling better all around

The Details:

  • Attend as many classes as you can in  30 days, from April 1st - 30th

  • Renewal Pass is valid for any regular Drop In Classes

  • Pass is valid to practice ONCE daily

  • There will be prizes and draws for participants (more info to be revealed soon)

  • Your regular pass will be put on hold


  • Individual $125 (+GST)

  • Sign up with a Buddy $99 (+GST) Each ​​​​

    • If you are signing up with a friend, request the discount code:

How to succeed during the 30 Day Renewal

  • Plan ahead, book your classes in calendar and don’t make it an option

  • Write down why you are doing this an use it to remind yourself of why you started

  • Enroll some friends to keep you motivated on those days when you just don’t feel like doing it. It’s always easier with friends, that's why we are offering a discounted price for you and your friend.

  • Set up a reward. Apart from the joy of actually accomplishing the challenge, what little nice thing will you do for yourself at the end of the 30 days.

  • Get plenty of sleep, everything is harder to commit to when you are tired

  • Feed yourself good food, when you feel good on the inside, yoga feels even better

  • Stay hydrated. You will be moving, twisting and stretching your body 

  • Take it easy in the beginning, listen to your body

Do your best, we will celebrate your efforts: 

Renewal Pass Holders that attend a minimum of: 

  • 10 classes & save 10% on any products/accessories 

  • 15 classes & save 15% on any products/accessories 

  • 20 classes & save 20% on any products/accessories 

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