Group & Corporate Yoga

We understand that coming to a studio isn't always an option, that is why we offer yoga classes onsite. One of our talented teachers will come to you, weither it be at home at work or where you play sports. 

Corporate & Boardroom Yoga

Bring yoga into your work place!  Classes are tailored to the group and can be specific to their jobs or just all around feel good kind-of practice.  There are opportunities to have Board Room Yoga in chairs or to create a more “traditional” space with a open floor with students using yoga mats.

Benefits for employers 

  1. Increase productivity & focus

  2. Decrease health care premiums

  3. Reduce staff turnover & sick days

  4. Develop stronger team bonds & job satisfaction

  5. Increase respect for management 

  6. Benefits for employees

  7. Reduce stress and anxiety

  8. Increase energy, alertness & responsiveness 

  9. Improve memory, focus and concentration

  10. Improve muscle strength & flexibility

  11. Improve overall health

  12. Decrease negative outlook or depression 

$75  /  1 hour session / up to 15 People

Please note: Mobile services may be subject to travel fees.

Ideas for Groups

Conferences & Retreats: Book a teach for your retreat or conference! Anything goes!

Birthday for kids: Click here for more details. Adults celebrate with yoga too! Invite your loved ones for a wonderful experience of yoga and connection for this special occasion.

Wedding & engagement events: The time before a wedding can be stressful for a bride and groom as well as their best friends and family. Yoga is a great way to take the edge off and to get physically fit so you can look and feel great in your dress or tux.

Holiday gatherings: Spice up your gatherings with some yoga fun! Enjoy moving smiling and laughter together.

Girl & guys night out: Grab your best girl/guy friends and get ready for a night of fitness and fun! Plan a Yoga Party for you and your best buds as a way to celebrate a birthday or as an alternative to a night at the bar (without the nasty hangover!). The lighthearted nature of a yoga party can be the ideal for first-timers as a fun way to explore yoga with friends.

Couples: Yoga with a partner can be a wonderful way to share a fun and healthy activity with someone you care about. Couple's Yoga allows you and your partner to experience one another in a physically challenging and playful manner, resulting in deeper emotional connections.

Expecting mothers: Prenatal yoga is more popular that ever. There are many benefits for you and your baby. Gather you friends or your partner for a fun and easy way you connect to your baby and each other

$75  /  1 hour session / up to 15 People

Please note: Mobile services may be subject to travel fees.

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