Private Yoga

Private yoga classes consist of one (1) person and are an excellent way to get individual focus and attention.  All sessions are designed to meet your individual needs for specific therapeutic benefits such as, injury, illness, stress reduction.

All of our teachers are certified and have a between them, have wide range of skill sets to offer you. Please click here to find out more about our teachers that you can choose for your own private yoga classes. 

Why Private yoga? 

  • Privacy

  • Personal attention and focus

  • Convenience of lesson times made by appointment

  • Specific therapeutic benefits for injury, illness, stress and emotional difficulties

  • Fun for friends and family to get together


Starting Price
$45 /  1 hour session / 1 person

$65 / 1 hour session / 1 person with personalized sequence to take home
$60 / 1 hour session / 2 people

Do you want to book for 2 or more people? Click Here

​Cancellation Policy 
If less then 24 hours notice is given to cancel or re-book you will be charged

in full for the session.

321 Main Street

Slave Lake, Alberta


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